How Choosing a Niche will Attract More “The Right Fit” Clients?
Written by Pawel Bialo on Sep. 20th 2018
         Have you ever thought about a perfect client, whom you would like to work with?  
                How does would change your life, your enjoyment from helping that people?

Based on real-life experience I will share with you my absolute fundamentals to obtain stable and profitable coaching relations between you and your coachee.

Niche is a group of people sharing similar interest, problems and desires.
Recently I came across this statement which is viable in the modern market

                                                    Niche Down and Stand Out

which means that by speaking to crowd nobody will listen. It’s like standing on the crowded street and screaming “hey you, I’d like to help you” - nobody will listen to you, but when you add a bit more clarity to your message “hey you, in the red jacket and short black hair, I’ve a solution to your biggest problem…”
Yes, by having a Niche you can describe who you would like to attract to your services.

Would you agree with me that a coachee should be engaged in being coached or at least in self-improvement?
As interest is an easy one to determine by asking the right questions that the self-motivation is slightly more difficult to determine, but equally important. Your potential coachee might be interested in your offer, but lack of motivations to put the hard work in might be a recipe for failure.
You can here add your own traits which make you coaching sessions more “the right fit” for both sides...
By developing a business to the level of having a clear Niche chosen with a true understanding of their problems and desires - it becomes infinitely easier to focus all of your effort on it and maximise results.


1. Open up a word document, Google doc - whichever you prefer.

2. Identify your interests and passions.

3. List 5 industries that you're familiar with

4. List 5 skill sets that you have

5. Begin listing the problems, fears and desires that these industries face. Remember it's not just        an 'industry' - an industry is made up of people, real human beings. People that will all have            similar problems, fears, and desires!

6. Make a decision as to which specific problem you want to solve.

7. Research your competition, what worked, what doesn’t, how someone else solved this problem
    Using online discussion groups or spying competitors software you can find out keywords used,      attractive content, which will drive to finding a way to put your unique offer into the market and      developing online presence right within your target audience.

8. Test your idea - Drive paid traffic to your landing page and gather feedback from real life market 
    Sign ups are less important at this stage, the goal is to check how your message resonates with        the chosen niche, as Your message/ offer might still require some improvements.
    Leverage A/B split testing, to iterate and improve your funnel and find figure out what is                    stopping your target market from taking action!

If you try to serve everybody, you serve for nobody!

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Pawel Bialo

Pawel Bialo helps Coaches and Consultant level up their businesses.  He is an expert at building systems to attract "the right fit" client using his proven online marketing methods.
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