About Pawel Bialo
Pawel Bialo is an entrepreneur from Sandomierz, Poland who immigrate to United Kingdom and started a successful company by the age of 25 working out of his rented room.

Pawel is a digital marketing consultant who helps Coaches profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally been coached and supported the Sport Company where he worked along with other Coaches. 

Pawel had moved to UK with his partner Magda, full of dreams and goals. Soon after His partner had a Car Accident which quickly gave him a tough Life Lesson which multiple times drove him towards breakdown  during her 4 years time recovery. Broke and depressed did not gave up and decided to take 1 Year of Coaching Program, which helped him to reframe the Past Experiences and take control over His life.
Armed with powerfull mindset and strong motivation decided to
Pay It Forward buy helping other Coaches and Consultans reach out to everyday people who could support them in gaining back control over own steering wheels of their own fate, gain wealth, and experience the freedom they deserve!

Pawel's clients are spread all over the world and he has helped them gain advantage on the Market online.
Pawel Bialo Running